Jesse Ventura and secret documents

lets cover everything up and pretend it did not happen

copy of CIA Assination manual

for entertainment purposes only

3 rd building reported collapsed before it collapsed

collapsed before it collapsed

Jesse Ventura

lets ignore the 3rd tower going down

heat from burning chairs ,in building beside it caused the molten steel modules and all the steel beam to collapse all the same time and drop 100 feet straight down in a free fall

911 cover up

 Kite is well versed in using Darkness Magic. All of his offensive spells  have an affect where the Darkness enters the opponents nerves when they  are hit, stopping any signals from being sent to the brain. This makes  it so that the opponent is incapable of feeling any damage they take  from his Darkness spells.  

911 Video 1

what was attached to plane


911 truth Video 2

could not brought down by office fires

Video 3 who killed 3000+ people on 911

molten modules found

Video 911 and bush links

911 and bush links