3D Earth - Dark Past

Enslave people by false sense of obligation

History of Money

Watch the videos and see how the Crown Templar, Federal Reserve, Bar Association Steal your Wealth


Review the videos 


Warning you can not un-see this


The Real Anti Chris, 28,000 Canadian native American Children murdered by church and government

Private Bankers war on USA

Private bankers have tried 3 times to destroy the USA

The American Dream Part1

The American Dream Part1

Please visit there website and donate if you found this video informative


The American Dream Part 2

History of money, Federal Reserve and your enslavement

Crisis of Credit


The Crisis of Credit Visualized By Jonathan Jarvis

Please Visit Jonathan Jarvis and give him thanks for such an amazing Video 

What is Securitization

Is this is how the Federal reserve and the Vadican Stole the USA

(Global) ISM warning from the Past

This is in the Works For Years



FED-01 PIC (pdf)


TF-001 The Fix RevA4 (pdf)


1a Judge Dale Notes Rev5A (pdf)


15-mortgage (pdf)


Private bankers

banking scam exposed

The 3 wise men

Truth is more  Fascinating  than fiction.

You can't make this shit up LOL


Nothing to see here fokes

Just a coincidence.
lol ,pass me another one,
This is going to be good

The Cobal are sick Satin worshippers

Know who is your real enemy

lets use oil pipe lines to destroy water systems.

lets use chem trails to detroy memory thru aluminum  poisoning 

lets use Google to sensor information

lets use Amazon to destroy local communities

Corruption and Treason

Usuary the true weapon of mass destruction


Napoleon Hill

The Laws of Success

Trend is not going in right direction

We have sold out our kids and grand kids dreams


  • www.davidicke.com 

Debunking a Century of bank War and private bank Lies

The Banksters war 

All Wars are Private Bankers Wars,

Wake up and smell the coffee

The Private Banksters use war to increase their FIX of power 

Mortgage Lies = Mortgage Fraud

wake up and learn truth

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