50,000 Children murdered by : Pope ,Church & Government

Canada Shame

50,000 native Children Murdered by church and Government

800 Irish Babies Slaughtered

Stop the Slaughter

Jesuit Oath

You got to be kidding

Knights Templar

As long as a private central bank is allowed to exist and manage the money supply. we all become Debt slaves.
Money Usury is used by Jesuit banksters to enslave the world.

Pope update 2019

Kevin Annett amazing

Vatican Owns the World

Pope - 2019 Feb


Pope Steps Down

Check out this great video

120 - Knights Templar


Knights Templar

Usuary and how to destroy nations

120 and Private Banks


Private banks

Mass population displacement

120 and Tempar Knights

Robert David Steele

The Rothchilds and the black pope